ProMind Complex Review – ⚠️ The Best Oral Supplement ? 2021

ProMind Complex is a doctor-formulated oral care supplement that includes seven powerful brain-boosting components that act from the inside out to improve both mental and dental health. The ProMind Complex formula has quickly become one of the most sought-after health supplements in the world for tackling two major wellness killers: dental and brain issues, thanks to optimal dosages of Huperzine A, Ginkgo biloba Leaf, Vincopetine, Phosphatidylserine, St. John’s Wort, Bacopa monnieri, and N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine ingredients.

The ProMind Complex by Carl Henderson and Dr. Jack Lane, available exclusively at, is a natural herbal supplement containing cognitive boosting extracts that are known to fight back against a harmful predatory bacterium that is linked to memory loss.

The precise method ProMind Complex employs to cleanse the mind of plaque-forming bacteria and debilitating dental nerve bacteria is a three-step process of eliminating the bacteria, mending damaged brain cells, and bulletproofing the brain and gums against periodontal disease pathogens. Both are well-known for causing harmful plaque development, which robs the body of essential life force and energy, resulting in a variety of cognitive functioning issues (such as age-related memory loss).

Let’s take a look at the ProMind Complex supplement and see whether this dental and mental performance-boosting combination will help you recover lost brain territory, or if it’s simply another phony scam presentation with questionable red flags.

What Are the Benefits of Taking ProMind Complex Supplement?

ProMind Complex

There’s a reason why so many individuals are scared about losing their memories. Memory, of all our mental abilities, seems to be one of the most human aspects of us. Our memory connects the dots in our complex history, providing us valuable insight into the present and future. When a person’s memory begins to deteriorate, the consequences are very upsetting.

Memory loss may be caused by a variety of factors. Aging and age-related health problems are most likely the most prevalent. Because of toxic overload and a lifetime of ups and downs that every normal person can relate to, our brains naturally begin to deteriorate as we get older. The electrical connections in our most essential organ that enable us to recall the past are progressively taken away as the brain cells we previously had died off. While this is a natural and inevitable process, many age-related brain disorders may accelerate the rate at which the brain loses its memory skills.

Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps the most well-known memory-related illness. Alzheimer’s disease affects both men and women in their later years. When the illness hits, individuals suffer from memory loss, disorientation, irritability, and other symptoms. In the vast majority of instances, Alzheimer’s disease is very severe and will result in the patient’s death as a result of the illness’s consequences.

Surprisingly, no one knows what causes this fatal disease. There are a few recognized risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is caused by several variables, including a family history of the illness, previous head trauma, cognitive impairment, and age. A shrinking, or atrophy, of the rear half of the brain, is the direct cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

We want to be clear that Alzheimer’s disease is not widely thought to be treatable, even with conventional pharmacological treatments. Any product that promises to help cure or even reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people should be avoided at all costs. No supplement has been scientifically shown to change the course of this disease’s therapy.

As a result, the subject of today’s review is ProMind Complex. This supplement is designed to help individuals cope with memory loss and treat it before it progresses to “full-blown Alzheimer’s.” Memory loss is caused by a certain bacteria, according to the official product website, which this supplement may assist to remove from the body.

Is ProMind Complex, nevertheless, effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease? Is this simply another useless supplement rip-off? Today’s review will cover all you need to know about this supplement, including the contents list as well as the business behind it.

What exactly is the ProMind Complex?

ProMind Complex is a new brain-boosting supplement aimed at preventing memory loss. The page begins with a tragic tale of the creator’s wife almost dying their kid by locking him in a hot vehicle. This memory loss was out of character, as the narrator says, and suggested a growing memory issue. This, among other events, catalyzed the creation of the ProMind Complex by the inventor.

Millions of Americans suffer from memory difficulties, according to the website. According to conservative estimates, over 7 million individuals have Alzheimer’s disease, and the number is increasing every day. The developers of ProMind Complex believe that bacteria living in the body create Alzheimer’s disease and other memory difficulties. According to them, “top medical institutes” are beginning to “acknowledge the danger is real.”

The official ProMind Complex website from the University of Michigan cites one research several times. According to this research, bacteria in the mouth may cause a variety of serious issues, including Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments.

Another Harvard research suggested that Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterial strain, may be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. This research was “hidden” by the wider medical community, according to the speaker on the site. This knowledge may aid in determining the exact causes of this fatal brain disease.

The remainder of the site is filled with links to additional research papers that back up some of the assertions made by the site’s author. Huperzine, a major component in this supplement, has been shown in one research to fight dangerous germs and serve as a “bacterial-proof jacket” for the brain.

After killing the germs, the ProMind Complex supplement uses a plant-based chemical called “Vinpocetine” to “heal damaged brain cells.” Finally, the supplement helps to “bulletproof the whole brain” against germs that cause brain death.

Who Is ProMind Complex Appropriate For?

This supplement may be utilized by anybody at its core. Consumers in their fifties and sixties are the target market. For starters, Alzheimer’s disease mostly affects the elderly. Alzheimer’s disease, which is the sixth leading cause of mortality in the United States, begins to develop in people over the age of 65. The health of our minds and memory continues to deteriorate beyond the age of 65.

However, there’s no reason why younger people couldn’t take this vitamin. ProMind Complex takes a proactive approach to Alzheimer’s disease. The website even claims that treating the bacteria that causes Alzheimer’s may make the difference between having memory loss at 40 and 60.

If the site’s basic thesis about bacteria is correct, then anybody of any age may take the Pro Mind Complex supplement to help remove germs and enhance memory and prevent brain degeneration. It’s unclear whether or not youngsters should use this supplement. Before providing any kind of supplement to a kid, we usually advise parents to consider carefully and speak with their child’s doctor.

In any event, anybody who is suffering memory loss and wants to restore their brain’s health may utilize Carl Henderson and Dr. Jack Lane’s ProMind Complex.

Ingredients in ProMind Complex

ProMind Complex

On the official website, there is a wealth of information on the specific chemicals in the ProMind Complex. Much of the site concentrates on the science and rationale behind some of the key components included in this supplement, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

As most people are aware, a nutritious dietary supplement composed entirely of natural components is only as excellent as the recipe claims to be. Without it, the only impact would be a placebo effect, which would be short-lived since most customers know whether or not a supplement is effective within 1-2 months of regular usage. ProMind Complex, on the other hand, does a great job of outlining all of the accessible plant-based nutrients and herbal extracts in this popular product.

ProMind Complex’s primary active components, which have already helped thousands of individuals live out their golden years without regret, include:


When it comes to appearing healthy, the adage “out with the old, in with the new” is frequently the most effective. In this instance, the first step is to eliminate the predatory brain bacteria, which will allow us to begin replacing the excellent nutrients below with the old harmful detritus that is presently residing in our brains.

In the same way that hand sanitizer cleans, coats, and protects your hands, Huperzine-antibacterial A’s activity helps kill energy-robbing germs and bacteria. Huperzine’s bacterial-proof vest characteristics are critical for covering brain cells with appropriate protection, which may help you maintain your cognitive function by improving neurotransmitter transmission. The micro-inflammatory reactions of this extract aren’t the only advantage; it’s also been scientifically shown to increase dopamine levels, which may help decrease memory fatigue while also improving mood.


After removing harmful bacteria with Huperzine, Vinpocetine’s advantages include helping to heal damaged brain cells by opening up the brain’s blood arteries for increased oxygen intake. This may give nerve cells and communication channels a new lease on life, helping to clear mental fog by flushing out toxins in the brain, allowing neurons to fire quicker and stronger than ever before. This beneficial impact may improve memory recall, as well as general response speeds and mental attentiveness.

Ginkgo Biloba

One of the world’s most well-known and widely utilized herbal substances, Ginkgo Biloba is well-known for its anti-gum disease properties. Research utilizing the herbal extract and how it substantially reduced the detection rate of periodontal disease bacteria in just one week of therapy is disclosed on the ProMind Complex website.


This all-natural ingredient is the key to ProMind Complex’s ability to remove the harmful germs stated on the product’s website. Phosphatidylserine has been shown to kill germs in the body, which may assist users in improving their mental abilities over time.

St. John’s Wort

Is a herb that has been used for centuries. We probably don’t need to go into great detail about this popular supplement component. It works as a kind of super-nutrient, and it may assist to improve the function of the human brain over time owing to its capacity to scrape the hardened plaque out of the brain while increasing blood flow for improved brain cells communication.

Bacopa Monnieri 

Is a kind of Bacopa. This is an organic plant that has been shown to naturally assist individuals to overcome depressed tendencies and anxiety. This botanical marvel works by increasing the synthesis of happy chemicals in the brain, which may help combat sadness and anxiety while also preserving memory health. Clinical studies have indicated that this herbal component may help with structural working memory tasks as well.


This supplement component has been extensively researched for its potential as a memory enhancer. When we use L-Carnitine for a long time and consistently, we may remember more and forget less. N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is the ideal addition to the ProMind Complex recipe since it naturally eliminates brain fog while also helping with severe sleeplessness problems. It also boosts mental vigor and alertness.

The important thing to keep in mind is that ProMind Complex uses these essential components for their entourage effect, or synergistic benefit, which may result in the beneficial improvements stated on the product website. Unfortunately, the exact dosages are not listed on the ProMind Complex website, making it difficult to accurately assess the supplement’s effectiveness – but there is plenty of science to back up each of these individual ingredients, and they’re all meant to work together in a potent, pure, and powerful brain-boosting complex.

ProMind Complex Frequently Asked Questions

Supplement scammers often employ dubious sales techniques to promote poor brain and memory formulations, as we have warned. This section will go through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ProMind Complex and provide answers to them.

Q: What is the best way to utilize the ProMind Complex?

A: Consumers should take one capsule each day to enjoy the advantages of this product. The frequency and consistency with which customers take the product, like with other brain-related supplements, will determine the product’s effectiveness. To sustain benefits, ProMind Complex should be taken at least once a day for many weeks.

Q: What time of day should ProMind Complex be taken?

A: According to the makers of this supplement, it should be taken “immediately after breakfast or lunch” on an empty stomach. On the product webpage, there is a little inconsistency. Although customers are advised to take two capsules each day, a month’s supply seems to only include thirty capsules. To learn more, customers can contact the customer care department.

Q: Does ProMind Complex have any negative side effects?

No, it isn’t. Many other supplements in the market utilize the same components that are used in ProMind Complex. Furthermore, this supplement is unlikely to interact adversely with any medicine.

The components in each ProMind Complex pill are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility that follows verified good manufacturing procedures in the most sterile of conditions. ProMind Complex tablets are also subjected to independent third-party testing to guarantee potency, purity, and dose quality, according to the official website. To complement its other characteristics, the ProMind Complex supplement is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO, in addition to its highest quality level of contemporary production.

Q: Does ProMind Complex need a doctor’s prescription?

No, it isn’t. The FDA does not regulate this supplement, and it is not available without a prescription. However, we always advise customers to contact their doctors before using any new product. People who are at high risk for memory-related brain disorders should always see a doctor establish a proper treatment plan.

Buying the ProMind Complex

ProMind Complex

Only the official ProMind Complex website may be used to buy this product. This may seem alarming to some, but it’s not unheard of in the supplement business. By purchasing several bottles at once, customers may save money.

Each bottle contains a month’s worth of ProMind Complex in capsule form. The following are the current buying packages:

ProMind Complex offers all major payment methods, including the majority of credit cards and PayPal. There is also a 60-day no-questions-asked refund policy, under which customers may return the goods for a full refund of the purchase price.

Who are the masterminds behind ProMind Complex?

Carl Henderson developed this supplement, which was formulated with the assistance of Dr. Jake Lane. Henderson is the main ‘voice’ behind this product, and he discusses the origins of the recipe he developed on his website. We couldn’t find any further evidence of this man’s existence online. This is standard practice for supplement businesses. It’s possible that “Carl Henderson” is a made-up persona designed to explain and promote the ProMind Complex supplement.

The name of the company that makes this supplement seems to be the same as the name of the supplement. ProMind Complex’s marketing effort is handled by ClickBank, a Delaware-based affiliate marketing firm, as is the case with many other companies in this niche supplement industry. There is virtually little information online regarding how to contact the ProMind Complex developers. Consumers with questions, on the other hand, should go to the “Contact” page. It’s worth noting that the supplement is hosted and offered by one of the most renowned and well-respected platforms in the world, which means there’s also 24/7 customer service through phone or email.

ProMind Complex: Is it a Scam?

This is one of the most often asked questions regarding ProMind Complex. Understandably, suspicion is good in the supplement business, and due investigation is almost essential to verify that one receives exactly what is claimed and sold online. And it is with great confidence and joy that we can analyze the ProMind Complex supplement and state unequivocally that it is not a fraud.

Aside from the efficacy of taking ProMind Complex regularly, the scam complaints, cautions, and dangers identified only concern how and where to purchase the medication. ProMind Complex is now unavailable on Any Amazon marketplace listing for ProMind Complex should be considered fake. Users who do not purchase directly from run a far higher risk of being scammed since they are not dealing with the official business, which cannot verify or authenticate the capsules. To prevent a ProMind Complex scam, be sure to purchase straight from the business, which also guarantees that the 60-day money-back guarantee is in place and ready to use if it doesn’t work out.

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Last Thoughts

Without reservation, we advise customers to be wary of any supplement that promises to assist and combat Alzheimer’s disease. However, nowhere on the website does ProMind Complex promise to be able to treat this fatal disease. The supplement, on the other hand, may assist to avoid brain issues from the start by removing a crucial bacteria linked to memory loss. Viewers of the official ProMind Complex presentation will be pleased to see all of the scientifically validated and supporting data for why the components in this supplement are known to act at the core cause of these issues.

Consumers who use ProMind Complex regularly may naturally avoid brain deterioration, memory loss, and other issues. Given that it is free of harmful microbes, pathogens, pesticides, and preservatives, this supplement is a definite contender for a legitimate way to improve brain health and memory capabilities, thanks to a combination of well-vetted supplement materials that have been carefully analyzed by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. Always contact your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

Finally, ProMind Complex has loaded the deck in favor of the customer by providing a potent brain-boosting dental care supplement including seven components renowned for their health-enhancing properties. Purchasing ProMind Complex is a risk-free way to improve your body’s capacity to resist harmful poisons and predatory germs once and for all, knowing that you are completely protected by a 60-day 100% money-back empty-bottle guarantee.

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